“Instant Gratification is too slow”


“Why does it take so L O N G to get what I want?”

“I’ve wanted that new boyfriend forever?”

In these modern times, we’re told by inspirational speakers, coaches, therapists, and even our parents, that we can have whatever we want. They warn us to be intentional, clear and focused. So we take our wishes and dreams and set goals and intentions. We might even glue pictures on a board to create a visual inspiration.

And then we wait…and then we get impatient and then we might get doubtful (“This stuff doesn’t work!”).

And we wait more.

With this waiting, there are two energies at play here…impatience (“I’m used to getting what I want!” “You said I’d get what ever I want.”) and floundering Faith. I’ve often said,

“The reason there is a delay between the intention and the manifestation, is the creation of maturity.”

(I’ve also been know to say that if there wasn’t a delay – we’d all be eating ice cream all the time or maybe even having sex all the time.) Maturity allows a person to act appropriately in the situation they’re in. To have the ability to adapt and change to circumstances. Whereas, a two year old has a fit, a 40 year old, adapts to the wait. Maturity is in play and I believe it is part of becoming a fulfilled human being. Growing the muscle of maturity creates confidence and resilience to live life on life’s terms and gives us the ability to travel in life with curiosity. It is often in curiosity that we find excitement.

The second energy at play is floundering Faith. When the “thing” doesn’t happen, we lose faith in it and try to “figure it out.” We switch our intention, we create a new vision board and we wonder what’s wrong with us. Growing the muscle of curiosity while waiting, is growing the muscle of faith. Faith in yourself and trusting in yourself that your intentions, goals and dreams that are important to you, are also important enough to become real.

It is challenging to live in “not-knowing”, curiosity, and faith – but there is deep learning and wonderful events when we can let go and let those dreams manifest, in whatever time they take.

Are you ready?

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