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Coaching, Mentorship & Tools to help you unblock what’s holding you back from having a meaningful, intentional and fulfilling life and career.

Life & Business


Coaching, Mentorship & Tools to help you unblock what’s holding you back from having a meaningful, intentional and fulfilling life and career.


Do you know what you want?

The deeper question will be “what are you focusing on?”

Drop the “wanting” and focus on direction.

To go from wanting to having, and from wanting to intending, is a process and path created from deeper self awareness.
If you’re like most people, you may think you know what you want, but aren’t really sure.
That lack of awareness and clarity is what keeps most of us from creating lives and careers that are intentional and fulfilling.
If you ARE aware, then (and only then) you’ll have a chance to live a meaningful and purposeful life.
The deeper work is to know who you are so that you direct your life and attract the life and business you most desire.

About You

Are You…
  • a highly driven professional but confused and unclear how to move forward in your career?
  • struggling in your personal relationships and partnerships?
  • battling inner demons and self-sabotaging behavior?

About Coaching

  • is like holding a mirror to your life.
  • shows you where you are thriving, and where you’re holding yourself back.
  • closes the gap between where you’re and where you want to be.
  • raises awareness and greatly increases success and satisfaction.
Focus Areas
  • Business & Career

  • Financial Freedom

  • Relationships & Love

  • Happiness & Fulfillment

  • Mental Fitness & Positive Intelligence

  • Real Estate

Meet Ashley

Ashley Wrobel

As a deeply intuitive listener who’s passionate about continuous learning and personal growth, I offer grounded, yet transformational, tools, wisdom and guidance.

My coaching helps you to see your life and career clearly, re-orient toward the path you wish to take, and empowers you to move confidently, with deeper awareness and more passion, in the direction of your dreams. I’ll stand for the life you deserve, and support you to have more fun, make more money and feel more freedom and joy in your personal and professional life!

I impact my clients deeply because I am aware of, and willing to dig into, the inner demons and old traumas that can have a negative impact on our attitude, wellbeing and success. These energies can get stuck in the body, and affect our entire experience of life. My coaching will help you to truly love and accept all parts of you, and feel empowered to make positive changes in the direction of your dreams.

Release Old Patterns & Make Space for Success

Coaching clarifies today’s issues, but great coaching can help you release stuck energy.

About You

As your coach, I will…
  • actively listen to you and provide guidance
  • hold a compassionate but challenging space
  • find the secrets your body holds that interferes with your progress
  • empower you with tools, habits and skills to move in the direction of your dream 

…so that you can feel free, confident, excited, and fulfilled in your life and career!

Work With Me

I offer two areas of focus in my coaching. In each area, I come with decades of life and professional entrepreneurship experience, along with professional coaching certifications, and I produce tangible results. If you are a new client, we will begin with a 4-month coaching program, with weekly meetings, and lots of support and resources.

Individual Coaching

We spend time digging into your history/herstory to discover your values, habits and joys, and create a plan for your success – whether it be in business, health or relationships. We’ll increase your self awareness to increase your self-management so that (for maybe the first time in your life) you can stay focused on what’s most important to produce what you desire.

We will:

  • increase your self awareness
  • increase your focus and priorities
  • empower your action for results
  • reduce your inner critics and increase your confident direction

Entrepreneurship Coaching

“Your business grows to the extent you do.”

Dianna Kokoszka

Entrepreneurs are persons who organize and operate their own businesses and have greater responsibility for the outcome of their endeavor. This creates unique challenges, not only guiding the business, but managing focus and managing others. In coaching we will find the beneficial direction, create systems, implement leverage of leadership and balance life and work.

I help you…

  • cultivate Direction & Creativity
  • implement successful leadership tools
  • return enthusiasm to your business
  • brainstorm brilliance

Are you ready?

Interested in working with me?

I offer a complimentary consultation where we can connect, discover and discuss your wants and challenges, and I will share how I can best support you.

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Master your Mindset &
Fulfill Your Potential
Are you ready to upgrade your life? Do you work hard to fulfill your dreams, create goals that you don’t accomplish and live with nagging inner negative voices that threaten your success, block your confidence and interfere with your direction?

Then Healthy Mind Bootcamp is for YOU!


Happy Clients

“I have been coaching with Ashley Wrobel for years now. In that time, I have doubled my production, been promoted into a leadership role with my team, and also made huge personal gains in reducing my stress, increasing my patience, becoming more understanding with my family and friends, and finding more happiness in my life. I can’t thank Ashley enough for all that she has done for me and my family. It works!”

Kevin Hatanaka

Los Angeles, California


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As a deeply intuitive listener with a passion for continuous learning, my coaching adds multiple tools to support transformational paths in your life and career. You can count on me to inspire you to have more fun, make more money and feel more empowered in your life!