How many times have you tried a new career path, a new diet, or a new hobby, and yet nothing feels like it’s working out?

Even though you’ve tried countless different options, you still end up feeling stuck. Almost everyone has experienced this frustrating feeling, regardless of their background, their current situation, or their goals. No matter what the particulars are of your life, the bottom line is that most individuals can benefit from having a life coach. In this post, we explain what a life coach is, why you want one, and what you can consider before choosing the best one for you.

What Is a Life Coach, and Why Do I Want One?

A life coach is someone who can help you see where your life is right now while also helping you create a vision of where you want it to go and a plan to get there. Throughout the process, a life coach will not only help guide you, but they will provide you with the support you need throughout this journey. Unlike many other professions, life coaching is not regulated. That’s why it’s so important to do some research to find your ideal coach.

CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) provided professional training and I accomplished certification with their stringent experience and education requirements. I had to demonstrate not only that I have a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies, but also that I adhere to strict ethical guidelines to protect the individuals I coach.

Although I had a BS in Psychology, I am not a therapist. My primary focus is on helping you with your future plans and finding ways you can fulfill your goals.

If you are still grappling with the idea of a life coach, here’s what I can help you with:


  • New opportunities: Whether it’s a new job or a big move, changes in your life can be a happy time yet still be incredibly stressful. I can walk you through these new transitions so at you not only feel confident with your decisions, but you can also see what else you can do with these changes so you can accomplish more than you had planned.
  • Nothing is happening: Maybe the goals you set for yourself are just not coming to fruition, no matter how much you try. Clarity (one of my super powers) is great for this situation because I can help you re-evaluate your attitude VanityGen and show you what you need to change to get things moving in your life.
  • The stuck feeling: Sometimes, you may feel you are blocked from accomplishing your goals. No matter how many different things you try, you always feel like you are out of options, defeated, and confused. I can help with this stuck feeling and help clear up those painful beliefs that you keep telling yourself. Through our sessions, you will be able to get clear of what you want and what you need to do to feel fulfilled.

Are you ready?

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